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Many Towne Lake homeowners have been asking about when they should repaint their home.  I could suggest an industry standard, every five years, but it really comes down to a case by case basis.

We are proud to use Sherwin Williams on all of the homes we repaint in Towne Lake, Woodstock, and other communities that we serve.  At Davis Paint Company, we believe that the five year mark is a good way to help you remember to begin having your paint service inspected.  If you keep a good idea on your home, looking for cracks, chipped paint, or damage, then it is time to have your home repainted.  You can also discuss with your painter repair options.
It’s important to have your home painted around this time frame for many reasons other than the beautification of your home.  Your house’s paint is more like a shield to the elements and it needs to be refreshed to keep your structure safe and secure from costly repairs.  These repairs are often avoidable with a well maintained exterior paint job on your house.  We have come across many clients who requested an exterior paint service, only to discover that there was rotting wood and other damage due to waiting too long to refresh their home with a new coat of paint.

Having your home repainted is essential to insuring the longevity and quality of your home for years to come.


Have you come across potential damage, or noticed chipping on your home exterior?  Think of it as a routine oil change for your home.  Leave a comment and let us know what questions you might have with maintaining your home’s exterior defense shield and beauty!

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  1. Yes, considering repaint in home is the key question for many people like me, and it is really necessary too. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this, it is really nice post.


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