Your Color Questions Answered

An example of solid wood flooring with a top c...

Painted walls with wooden floors (Image via Wikipedia)

Finding the right color schemes for your home can be a daunting task. Don’t let it be scary, or freak you out. Here are a few of our favorite color questions answered.

Color Matching – Today’s color schemes tend toward the coordination of color and tones. Colors don’t have to be the exact match thought. Adding a lighter and darker value from the same color can add depth and a personal feel to a room rather than being all “matchy matchy”.

Woods and Colors – Woods don’t typically have to match if it is furniture and flooring. However, in the kitchen, wood cabinets should share tone with a wood floor in the same space.

Black and Brown – When added to a space, black and dark brown can help balance a color scheme. Like white, black has a neutralizing effect and offers a break to the eyes. It is likely you already have dark shades in your room from appliances or electronics, so be careful not to overdue it.

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