Which Exterior Paint Color Will Sell My Home?

If you’re thinking of selling your Woodstock home, you may want to consider the color. If your home is due for an exterior paint job, it’s best to go ahead and do it so that your house will look attractive and well-maintained to potential buyers. This provides a great opportunity to have your house painted a different color!


Homeowners are often quite anxious about choosing an exterior paint color for their home. After all, that will be one of the first things anyone notices about it, and if you choose the wrong color, it’s expensive to have the entire house painted again. Fortunately the real estate industry is ever-watchful when it comes to identifying what sells and what doesn’t. Read on to learn which exterior paint colors are most popular among home buyers, and contact Davis Paint Company today for quality, affordable house painting in Woodstock.

  • Neutral colors are the way to go. White, tan, taupe, and gray are universally liked and tend to work with most architectural styles. Be sure to take into account your roof color and the colors of your neighbors’ homes.
  • Avoid bright colors, especially green, pink, and blue. (Unless you live in Florida, Charleston, or some other beachy locale.)
  • Limit your palette to 2 or 3 colors for the exterior of your home. One main color, and a color for trim and/or the front door. For instance, white with black shutters and a red door is a classic exterior color combination, or try tan or gray with white trim and a black door.


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