What Paint Finish Should You Choose?

paint brush for interior paintingWhen it comes time to choose interior paint, most people’s thoughts go straight to color. But don’t forget about another equally important consideration: paint finish!

Here at Davis Paint Company, we have given countless Woodstock homes a fresh look with interior painting services, and if there’s one thing we have learned through the years, it’s that the finish of the paint makes just as much of an impact on the finished product as the color. Read on for some tips on choosing the best paint finish to satisfy not only your interior design desires, but also your practical needs.

  • High-gloss and semi gloss paint has a smooth, shiny finish. That makes them much easier to clean, but also substantially changes the way the wall color looks. The shininess of this type of paint makes colors look brighter, and it can work well when used as a bold accent. The ease of cleaning high gloss walls makes it a good choice for kitchens, bathrooms, craft rooms, and kids’ rooms.
  • Flat or matte paint gives the richest color and because it does not reflect as much light also obscures imperfections in the wall. However, it is not easy to clean and is not as durable, making it a better choice for accent walls and low-traffic areas.
  • Egg shell and satin paint finishes are a nice compromise between beauty and practicality, shine and matte. With only a slight sheen, these paint finishes are a good choice for living rooms, bed rooms, dining rooms, and the like.

Not sure what type of paint to choose? We’d love to discuss your Woodstock painting project, so give us a call at 404.590.1469 for a free estimate.

Photo by Alan Cleaver via Flickr CC 2.0

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