Trending Paint Colors of 2011

Choosing a paint color for the interior of your house is an important decision. Before choosing a final color make sure that you have reviewed all the different options there are to offer. A good way to get started is by reviewing the trending paint colors at the time. Adding a fresh color of paint to a wall and some accent color is a great way to update a space that has gotten dull.

 Blue and White are a great color combination for conveying different moods. Whether you are going for the dramatic chic presence or just a lighthearted feel, blue and white are great for giving you just what you need. Pair these colors with a pattern and some texture and throw in an accent wall and you’re set. People will be soon calling you Martha Stewart.

 Gray is a wonderful color for replacing the boring white in your outdated space. Put a fresh coat of gray paint in your kitchen or living room with some accent pieces and you have created a nice new modern space. The most popular accent colors with gray right no are lemon and aqua. Gray also gives you more room to let you think out of the box and create your own personal touches.

 Green is color of much versatility. Pair green with blue, orange, yellow or lavender for a more original feel, or put green in your kitchen for just the relaxation you need. Darker green rooms are great for home offices because they create a very focused atmosphere. Green with a touch of Gray is also a popular paint color for the exterior of your house. Add on some white trim to the freshly painted green house and you have just the refreshing update you needed.

 No matter what color your choose make sure you do your research first and ask us at Davis Paint Company for our recommendations. Together we can help you create the perfect colors to update your home.


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