Tips For Choosing Interior House Paint Color

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Let’s face it, choosing paint color for your house can be an exhausting task. Whether it’s for the living room or kitchen, it takes a lot of time and thought to come up with the perfect color. In order to help make this task a little less painful, we have created a list of some of our favorite tips for choosing paint color for your house.

 Test your lighting – The paint color you decide on for your walls will look different in different lighting. Before deciding on a color, use a lighting box to test different paint chips. Natural daylight will show the truest color, while fluorescent lighting will add a sharp blue tone.

 Pay attention to windows – Based on the lighting in the room (mentioned above,) it is important to pick a color that will not come off as overpowering when used next to a window. If you are passionate about the color, but can’t seem to get the lighting right, consider using the bold color as an accent wall instead.

 Test your color choice – Buy a small sample of a few different paints and test them on a large poster board or an area of the wall. Don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone. By testing different colors on the actual wall, you will be able to boost your confidence on possible new color choices.

 Consider color flow – How does one room look from another room? Room colors should flow throughout the house. When picking a new room color, make sure that you are staying within similar color schemes. Standing in a bright red room and seeing lime green in another room could be disastrous.

Choose different paint finishes – Mix up the room by using different paint finishes, such as matte or eggshell, for the walls and trim color. Color will appear different on each surface, and it is a good way to break up a room with multiple windows and doors.


I hope these tips have given you courage and ideas for your next room color change. If you have any question or would like a free house painting estimate, feel free to contact us!

What is your favorite tip to use when choosing a paint color?

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