The House Painting and Decorating Best Kept Secret!

When it comes to getting house painting and home decorating ideas, there is a little hidden secret in the social media world. Pinterest is and up and coming website that allows you to explore different ideas on all things from cooking, clothing, home decorating and fitness any everything in between. The name Pinterest derives from the work “interest”. While you are on Pinterest you are able to scan a variety of feeds for ideas that may spark your interest.

Once you have found an idea you love, you are able to “pin” the idea to your individual categorizes boards. For example, currently I have a bored labeled “ideas for my bedroom”. Inside this category are different ideas/pins that I have saved into one convenient folder. When it comes time to  choosing the right paint color and decorating, I have a folder online to go through and review my different ideas. You and your Pinterest friends will love being able to look at each other’s boards and get ideas from each other.

Who says you can’t be creative. Pinterest will suddenly make you feel like Martha Stewart.


What house painting and room decorating ideas do you hope to find out Pinterest?

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