The Essentials for a Perfect Master Bedroom Make Over

Is your master-bedroom a place you feel like you can rest? Do you love to escape to your room to unwind after a hectic day? Or is it a cluttered mess? How about the color of the walls, are they a restful spa like color, or is your room painted for high energy in bright colors? Have you thought about re-doing your Master Bedroom? In this post we share our tips for the Perfect Master Bedroom Make Over. We will give you a list of the essentials you will need to turn your cluttered un-restful bedroom, into a serene place you look forward to relaxing in at the end of every day.

5 Essentials for a Perfect Master Bedroom Make Over:

  • Paint: When choosing a paint color, consider what the room is used for in this case mainly a bedroom is a place for relaxation and sleep. If it is your master-bedroom you may want to consider it the most luxurious space in your home. A place to indulge and spoil yourself. You would choose a pale neutral color such as gray or a spa color like a soft green or blue for your bedroom if you want it to feel like a place to unwind. Sherwin-Williams has a beautiful selection of these types of  paint colors.
    English: Master bedroom of the Escoy Suite whi...

    English: Master bedroom of the Escoy Suite which is themed after the Escoy Tin Smelting Company. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  • Curtains: If you have curtains change them to go with the new paint color and room color scheme. We suggest panels, they are easy to deal with and can be found at many local retailers. If you want to splurge you could consider hiring an interior designer to have custom designed draperies made for your room to give it that  extra luxurious feel.
  • New Bedding: One way to change the feel of your bedroom is to get new bedding. Pick a neutral or a spa color that goes with your paint color scheme. Restful colors like blue, white, or soft gray. Pick a bedding cover that isn’t too heavy. You can get in-expensive bedding in local stores, or you can choose to have a custom bedding designed from a special fabric that is the perfect accent for your room.
  • Pillows:  Another essential for your master-bedroom make over are pillows. Bedding pillows made out of an accent fabric can be a great way to tie the entire color scheme together without having to purchase a large amount of a fabric. This is one way to spend a little more on your designer fabric with out spending as much because the quantity for a couple of pillows is so much less than drapery panels or an entire bed cover.
  • Bookshelves: This seeming simple solution can do wonders for the cluttered feel of your bedroom. If you want your room to feel less cluttered add a couple of bookshelves to the wall. Get those books off the floor and out from underneath the bed. Look at your dressers, you may want to move some of your accessories to the bookshelf to have a cleaner more organized feel to your room.

We hope this post helps you turn your master bedroom into the perfect place to escape to after a busy day! If you’d like to get an estimate on painting services for your home, please contact us.

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