The Best Time for Deck Maintenance: Early Fall

staining protects your deckEarly fall is generally considered one of the best times to perform maintenance on your deck, but here in Georgia where we enjoy warmer temperatures, the window is a bit longer. As we’ve discussed in previous blog posts, regular deck maintenance is important for preserving the structural integrity, safety, and appearance of your deck. It needs to be pressure washed regularly, re-stained occasionally, and any rotting wood needs to be replaced as soon as possible.

Reasons to hire a home repair company for fall deck maintenance

  • Prevent rot- It’s important to keep your deck clear of leaves and debris, which can trap moisture next to the wood and cause it to decay and weaken. Every couple of months, use dish soap and a straw broom to clean the deck. For an extremely dirty deck or if you are ready to have your deck stained, you should opt for pressure washing. Just remember, while pressure washing seems easy, you can actually damage the finish of your deck if you’re not careful. Fortunately our Woodstock house painting company also offers pressure washing.
  • Preserve appearance and integrityStaining your deck is not just a cosmetic task- it is actually necessary to protect the wood from damage caused by sun, wind, and rain. Your deck should be stained every three to four years, and fall is a great time to do it. In order for the wood to accept stain well, it needs to be dry. If your deck needs to be stained, don’t wait until it has been subjected to precipitation all winter long; have it stained now, while the days are relatively dry and before the harsh winter weather arrives.

To get a quote on Woodstock deck staining or pressure washing, contact Davis Paint Company today. Our home repair company serves homeowners throughout the Towne Lake, Woodstock, and Canton areas with quality craftsmanship and affordable prices.

Photo by Kevin Marsh via Flickr CC 2.0

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