Spraying a house Vs. Painting a House

Contrary to popular belief, spraying your house uses twice as much paint as brushing. There is huge disagreement over which one is better, even among painters. There are several important items to note when it comes to spraying a house:

  • Spraying is a much higher quality finish than brushing which promotes longer paint life. Automobiles, fine furniture, industrial equipment, and many other processes use spray systems because of a high quality finish.
  • Brushing leaves minute lines in the paint that trap dirt, molds, and mildew. This is what rots wood.
  • Brushing a house one time takes 4 times longer than spraying a house. Brushing usually requires two coats so you are paying 8 times more money for a lower quality paint job.

Believe it or not, preparation of the surface is far more important than how you paint your house and what brand of paint you are using.  The length of time your paint job lasts is more a factor of how you live in your house. Proper insulation will do more than improve the life of your house.

Another important factor of how long your paint job lasts depends on the regular maintenance of your exterior. Your house should be washed once a year, keep your gutters clean, and keep bushes and trees away from the house.

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