Soothing Paint Colors for Nurseries

If you’re welcoming a new member into your family, congratulations! We know you want to bring your baby home to a peaceful, happy space, and it all starts with a beautiful paint color. The color of your nursery is not only a style choice, but can actually affect your baby’s mood and encourage restful sleep and happy playtime.

Our Woodstock house painting company is experienced at providing high quality interior painting services, but the color you choose is completely up to you. If you need a little help finding the perfect hue, read on for our favorite nursery paint color inspiration from Houzz.

Pale blue– Blue is one of the most popular paint colors, and it is also, hands-down, the best bedroom paint color for adults or children. There’s just something about a dreamy blue like this that creates a perfectly soothing atmosphere for sleep. Pops of color in the wall art and accessories provide visual interest and mental stimulation for the room’s tiny occupant.

Lilac– If you’re looking for feminine paint colors for your child’s nursery, skip the hot pink and opt for a soft lilac. This pinkish-lavender hue is pretty and fun without overstimulating.

Pale gray– Are you seeing a theme? Soft, light colors are the way to go for a baby’s room. Gray is a stylish and versatile option that can work well with lots of different accent colors, especially yellow, turquoise, and coral. Avoid painting your baby’s room yellow, which is notorious for making babies cry. Likewise, you probably won’t want to paint the walls bright red, since red is a stimulating color.

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