Should I Paint the Brick On My House?

Is your painted brick house showing signs of aging through discoloration? Chances are your home is in need of exterior brick painting job to make the house look uniform again.

In order to do this you will want to hire a house painting contractor to paint the brick on the exterior of your home. Once you have hired a painting contractor, such as Davis Paint Company, they will take the proper steps to make sure that the exterior paint job is done correctly.

First pressure washing will be done to take any mildew or dirt off of the house. Your house painters will take good care to not saturate the brick too much with the pressure wash. After the paint job is complete you will need to allow a couple of days to dry before getting started on the painting process.

Before painting, your house painters will prime the house with Loxon concrete and primer to seal the brick. This will help create a long lasting finish. Finally, once the house is painted, the brick should be top-coated with latex paint using a spray or roller.

If you are interested in having your exterior brick painted, please contact us today at Davis Paint Company in Woodstock, GA

painted brick

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