Should I Paint My Aluminum Siding?

Those who still have aluminum siding have probably noticed that it doesn’t last forever. Although low maintenance, the baked enamel finish will eventually wear down over time. Durable siding has a life expectancy of 30 to 40 years. Over time the Ultra-Violet rays from sun can break down this finish, which creates a chalky film.

The film that has built up on the aluminum siding can be temporarily restored with power washing. Eventually the enamel is going to wear out leaving an uneven finish and possibly bare metal. Many homeowners fear that the only option to worn out siding is replacement.

If worn out aluminum siding is properly cleaned, it can be painted for excellent results. A professional painting contractor can help you repaint the aluminum for far less than replacing it. Paint will adhere to the metal and should last at least 8 years. Over time as trends change, you will be able to cheaply change the color of your aluminum siding with one coat of paint.

If your aluminum siding is showing its age and needs a fresh paint job, contact us today at Davis Paint Company in Woodstock, GA.

aluminum house paintingimage from flickr 

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