Redecorating A Bathroom On A Budget

fresh new bathroomWhile the bathroom isn’t the main focal point in the house, it is something that you look at everyday. Your husband says you don’t have the money to redecorate another room, but you can’t stand to look at the retro bathroom any longer. There may be a compromise;  redecorate your bathroom on a budget.

First off, you may be able to work with the tile you already have. With a fresh paint color, and some new furnishings, the bathroom will have a whole new look. Pick a paint color that will compliment the already existing tile; this will be the biggest money saver. A new faucet is inexpensive and can also give the bathroom a new feel.

Final touches to the bathroom can include a new rug, new towels, a modern shower curtain and possibly a piece of décor. You and your guests will be impressed with your new touches and no one will ever know how inexpensive and easy it was for you to redecorate your bathroom.

What fresh paint color would you like for your bathroom?

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