Protecting Your Decks and Wood Fences

Deck Wood Rot

Protect your Woodstock home's deck before it rots like this one.

Whether you are building, rebuilding, or trying to prevent wood damage, maintaining your deck and wood fence the proper way can save you lots of money, stress, and time.  We come across wood rot on a daily basis when it comes to decks and fences.  It’s fairly common for a homeowner to not be 100% sure of when it is time to stain.

Deck stain is your 2-3 year preventative maintenance tool to help keep your deck and fence healthy.  I’m not sure if you have ever had to replace a fence due to rot, but in the Georgia summer heat, it’s not that fun of an experience.  At our home in Woodstock, Georgia, we try to go through deck and fence maintenance between 2 and 3 years to save us money and to save a lot of sweat.

When we get to your Towne Lake or Woodstock home, we analyze each project carefully with care and precision.  Before beginning the job, we scan your project for any signs of wood rot.  It’s a good idea for you to go over your deck or fence and write down any concern that you might have before beginning a wood stain job.  After repair and replacement of any wood rot found, it’s important to get your deck or fence a thorough cleaning with pressure washing.  This removes any dirt, oil, and other contaminants.  At Davis Paint Company, we only use Sherwin Williams stains, because of their high quality and ability to protect your home.  Your new stain will take 24-48 hours to completely soak in before enjoying, but you can rest assure that your deck not only looks like new, but it is protected from sun damage, mildew, and whatever else nature can throw at it!

Have you had to deal with wood rot on your deck, home, or fence before?  Leave a comment with your questions or tips for other homeowners!


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    How much to stain a deck roughly 10 x 8?

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