Picking Paint Colors Using Color Swatches

If you’ve ever tried to choose your own paint color for your a new color in a room in your home, you know it can sometimes be tough to decide what color to pick with those tiny little paint color swatches at most stores. The team at Davis Paint Company has a few tips to share to help you chose the right paint color using color swatches from any paint store.

How to Use Color Swatches to Pick the Right Paint Color:

color swatches

  • Test Run: Don’t just try to figure out your choice in the paint store. Take the sample sizes home to see how they look in your home under your lighting. Hold the chip next to important fabrics, drapery and carpet to see if you like the way it looks next to them. Try to get a feel for your favorite choices but you don’t have to make the final choice just yet.
  • Sample Run: After you have narrowed your choices down in step one you will want to return to the paint store and purchase a few sample sizes in the color swatches you liked best in your home. Get several pieces of cardboard or poster board and paint the entire piece in one color.  Hold the board up to the wall, and have a friend or relative look at the color, take your turn while they hold the piece up for you. Don’t make the mistake of painting spots on your wall. This just confuses your eye because you can’t determine what you are seeing with the old color and so many different color spots all together.
  • Consult a Pro: Don’t be afraid to ask the folks at your favorite paint store for help. Many of them are experts in choosing colors because they are around them so much. Get their help with what finish to choose to end up with a designer looking newly painted room.

If you are considering repainting your interiors consider hiring a professional house painter. The team at Davis Paint Company ensures that you will have the best results when you choose them to paint the interior or exterior of your home. If you have any questions about our services please contact us.

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