Painting Two Toned Walls Part 2: Inspiration

Are you tired of the same old paint scheme in your home? Are you ready to spruce up you home interiors with a new coat of paint? Have you ever thought of trying out a two toned wall to give your room a different feel? One of Davis Paint Company’s blog posts early on was about two toned walls, it was such a hit our team decided to bring out some other great ideas and inspirations for painting a two toned room.

Two Toned Wall Inspirations:

One of our team’s favorite places online to go for inspiration is Pinterest. It is a wonderful online bookmarking tool that you can easily search for any subject and find wonderful photos and websites . Here are 3 of Our Favorite Pins on Two-Toned Wall Colors to inspire you. Tangerine and Taupe Two Toned Wall

  1. Tangerine and Taupe two toned wall color combination for the bedroom. We love this from idea, it combines the warm happy color of tangerine and soft feel of a natural linen tone. This is a great way to bring in a bold color and balance it with a soft neutral to make the room easier to live with.
  2. Teal and Purple two toned wall color combination.  This photo shows a two toned wall done in a a little different way. The proportions of the room appear different by painting the top two feet of the wall the same bright teal color as the ceiling. The dramatic purple underneath really adds depth.
  3. Two toned washed wall color idea. We love how this washed look adds a bit of “splash” to any room. It’s as if the top color is just fading into the 2nd color. While the top two might be an easy DIY project our team agrees this choice is one to give a professional painter a call to help ensure that you achieve this difficult to paint look.

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