Painting Two-Toned Walls In Your House

Are you sick of the plain colored walls in your house? When it comes to painting your room, there are many different ways that you can choose to add color to it. For those of you wanting an extra pop of color, but are not interested in accent walls, you should really look into two-toned walls.

There are a couple of different ways to double the color in your room and below I am going to cover a few different options.

Half and Half– These are your standard two-toned walls that you are probably most familiar with. To complete these looks, divide your room in half (horizontally) and paint one half a new color. The split color room looks best when painting with colors of the same family. Whites, tans and blacks are also safe choices. Try looking to other objects already in the room for paint color inspiration.

Add Molding– By adding molding in between your two-toned paint colors you are creating a comforting and relaxing feel. In order to create this look you will need to pick 3 paint colors: 2 wall colors, and 1 molding color. The paint color that you have chosen as your top color will also double as the ceiling color. In between the two colors on the wall will be your molding. For a modified approach, paint both halves the same color. These styles are great for kitchens and living rooms.

Include Ceilings– The two-toned ceiling technique is most commonly used to make a room with high ceilings seem more proportional. In this technique the ceiling will be painted the same color as the top of your walls. As far as the molding goes: stick to using the same paint color you used on the ceilings. This will help the room flow better, and will give a subtle touch to the bottom of the room. If you think the room needs more differentiation, try using different paint sheens, such as high gloss or semi-gloss.

painted two-toned bedroom

I hope these different two-toned room painting  ideas have helped inspire you to update your old room!

What two-toned colors would you choose to use in your home painting project?


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