Painting Stripes in Your Home 3 Top Tricks and Tips

If you pay attention to home fashion trends and designs you will see that stripes, zig zags and chevron patterns are very popular this year. These patterns are a great way to bring energy and style into any room in your home. The team at Davis Paint Company in Woodstock, GA shares our 3 Top Tricks and Tips for Painting Stripes in Your Home.


  1. Choose a Pattern: Draw a pattern out on the wall with  a pencil first. Choose your pattern according to what room you are decorating or who’s room it mainly belongs to. Use widths for the stripes between 3″ and 15″. Decide if you want a horizontal or vertical pattern. If you want to change the look up you can go with a variety of widths mixed together on the wall. Chevron and Zig Zags require a little more technique, you may want to consider hiring a professional painter to assist with more difficult patterns. Stripe - t2i 550d
  2. Choose Colors: Think about your room’s color pallet. Decide if you want to incorporate a few of your favorite colors of if you want to use a multi-color pattern that can include all the colors in your  room’s color pallet. You will want to choose one color for the base coat for your pattern. The simplest way to add impact with stripes is to stick with two colors. Depending on how much time you want to spend though, you can make the color pallet as complex as you wish.
  3. Take Your Time:  Don’t rush the project. Remember to take your time. From the very beginning of the process take extra care in measuring and drawing straight lines for your pattern. In the end you will be proud of the effort you made and be happier with the results.

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