Painting Front Doors

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When it comes to picking a front door color, it helps to step outside of your comfort zone. Your door is one of the first things that a guest will see upon arriving into your home, and a colorful door can make your home feel more welcoming. The door color is your choice, however it helps to find a color that compliments your house paint color already. Here are a few of our favorite door color choices based on the paint color of your home

  • Orange door on a green home
  • Purple door for a gray home
  • Mustard door on stone or stucco
  • Blue door on crème home
  • Dark blue or black door on brick home
  • White door on cottage style home

The paint color you have chosen for your door may also say something about yourself or your mood. Paint color affects your mood and the color you choose for your door may have a direct reflection on how you feel when you enter your home.

If you have any questions about paint colors, or would like an estimate on a paint job for your home, please contact us at Davis Paint Company in Woodstock, GA.

What does your door color say about you?

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