House Painting 101

When it becomes time for a house painting (inside or out) there will be a few things you will want to understand. First and foremost, it is important that you understand the different types of paint you have to choose from.

Primer- always used before painting to provide a base for paint to grab on to. Priming ensures better adhesion, an increase in paint durability and provides additional protection to the object being painted. There are actually 2 kinds of primer: Oil based and Water- Based. Oil-Based Primer is best for damaged walls or painting on raw wood. Water-Based Primer is best for dry wall or previously painted walls.

Sheen– what gives a paint a certain finish. There are 5 different kinds of sheen.

  • Matte/flat – contains the least amount of sheen and helps hide imperfections. Best for low traffic areas and may damage the easiest.
  • Eggshell – A good medium between all of the sheen’s. The easiest to clean and provides a flatter look than the glossy.
  • Satin – great for high-traffic areas and provides a silky finish. Has a very protective finish.
  • Semigloss – has the highest resistance to moisture. Very sleek and radiant.
  • High Gloss – great for finishing trim and molding. Its glass like finish is very easy to clean.

Water-Based Paint– for the most part this is the most commonly used of the paint. Sometimes it is also referred to as Latex Paint. Water- Based Paint contains fewer toxins than Oil-Based Paint. This paint is also great because it has easy clean up and dries quickly.

Latex Paint- also referred to as Acrylic Paint. The name Latex is actually misleading because there is actually no Latex in the Paint. This paint contains a plastic resin that helps it adhere better. Latex paint is very fast drying and become water resistant when dry. Another pro to Latex paint is that it resists cracking and blistering.

Oil Based Paint- opposite from Latex paint, Oil-Based Paint is very slow drying. It is most commonly used for molding, cabinets and furniture. Oil-Based Paint also provides a smooth finish and provides a protective coating for long-term use. The clean up for Oil-Based Paints is a little tougher than Water-Based and requires paint thinner to clean up.

What is your favorite paint to use  on your Woodstock home and why? Leave us a comment below!


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