Painted or Stained Shutters?

Exterior Shutters add beauty and value to your property.  Have you ever wondered which would be better for the exterior of your home, painted shutters or stained shutters? In this post the team at Davis Paint Company  of Woodstock, GA discusses the positive features of  either choice.

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Painting Shutters:

  • Painted shutters are more weather proofed by the paint that is on the wood shutters there fore making them better for all weather conditions on the exterior of your home.
  • Painting new shutters will require two coats because you will have to first have a primer that seals the shutters and then a top coat of paint.

Staining Shutters:

  • When you consider the cost of wood shutters covering the beauty of the grain with paint seems wrong. Choosing a stain enhances the wood grain and natural beauty of the wood.
  • Recently with the advances in stains available on the market today you don’t have to choose paint over stains for weather proofing. You can now have the wood grain look you love on the exterior of your home.

Choosing the type of finish for your shutters is now a matter of preference in look. If you need advice for which one would be better for your home’s exteriors sometimes having the help of an interior designer can make a big difference. Most interior designers also have expertise when it comes to choosing  paint or stain colors for the exteriors of your home. If you would like to know more about Davis Paint Company’s shutter options or any of our other professional exterior or interior painting services please contact us!

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