Paint Color Tips for Great Kids Bedrooms

little boy bedroom paint ideaKids can be tough customers when it comes to bedroom design. Children’s bedrooms should be fun and youthful, but not at the expense of creating a restful atmosphere. Add to that the typical child’s rapidly shifting tastes (any parent of a 4 year old can tell you that “favorite colors” don’t have a very long shelf life!), and simply choosing a paint color can feel like a challenge.

If you are redecorating your child’s room or having your Woodstock house painted, take a look at some of our best tips for choosing paint colors for kids’ rooms.

How Paint Color Affects Mood, Part 1

Each color has its own properties that make it more suited to different situations. For instance, yellow and red are great for dining rooms, but too high energy for bedrooms. Blue and green are great for children’s bedrooms because they can be vibrant and relaxing at the same time.

Paint Color Ideas for a Girl’s Room

Let’s be honest, if given the choice, many little girls are going to request that their rooms be painted hot pink or bright purple. Those colors can work in certain situations, but without a good knowledge of color design they can easily be overwhelming. Not to mention the fact that they will quickly date the room, leaving open the possibility that your child will be asking for a “big girl room” makeover in no time. Check out our post to see some color strategies that work with fun, feminine decor, but don’t scream “Princess Sparkles.”

Paint Color Ideas for a Boy’s Room

Choosing a theme can be a great starting point for decorating a child’s bedroom, even if you don’t want to decorate with that particular motif. For instance a nautical theme could lead to crisp white and blue striped walls with red and yellow accents throughout, while a western theme could yield an earthy color scheme of browns, tans, and rusty reds.

Regardless of the color scheme you choose for your child’s bedroom, professional painting will help ensure a great finished look. To get an estimate on Woodstock house painting services, contact Davis Paint Company today!

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