Paint Brush Quality

Choosing the right paint brush for your paint job will make the job easier and provide better results. As professional house painters, we own a dozen different types of paint brushes. Each paint brush has its own use. Typically each project requires at least two different types of brushes. One we use for large areas, and the other we use for more detailed work.

Shapes and Sizes of Paint Brushes

Paint brushes come in a variety of shapes such as Angular, Flat, and Oval and vary in size from 1-6 inches. Angular brushes are great for surfaces with that have hard angles and narrow surfaces. Those who can’t decide on a brush are usually safe with just choosing an Angular brush. Flat and oval brushes can be used on all surfaces but are best used on flat surfaces.

Paint Brush Sizes and Descriptions

1-2 inch – A great brush for touch ups or using on crown molding and windows.

2-3 inch – Perfect brush for using on exterior trim.

4-6 inch – Great for use in large areas such as painting large walls or applying stain to a deck floor.

For your interior and exterior house painting needs, contact us at Davis Paint Company in Woodstock, GA. Don’t worry, we will take care of picking the right paint brushes.

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