Our Top 4 Favorite Paint Color Trends of Fall 2012

Every year Sherwin-Williams comes out with a new Color Forecast. The team at Davis Paint Company decided to take a look at the paint color trends for Fall 2012 and share our favorites. The major paint colors include Blues, Greens, Neutrals and Reds. We’ve selected a favorite paint color from each set.

Paint colors from Sherwin-Williams

SW 7641 Collonade Gray this soft pewter color is a great wall color in almost any room in your home. You might consider painting your entire family area in this color. It’s described as a cool neutral and compliments the “Traditional with a  Twist” design concept.

SW 6811 Honorable Blue this rich blue is a hue to choose if you want to add some drama and a splash of color to your room. An excellent color if you are decorating your child’s room in a nautical theme as it will compliment most anything you choose.

SW 6747 Argyle we chose this paint color because it is so bright. Maybe your kitchen or bathroom could use some life? Choose this color to liven up any room in your home!

SW 6321 Red Bay this red is easy to live with! We love this  paint  color for dining and living rooms! It’s a southern tradition to have a red dining room,  so you can’t go wrong with this warm red. It will surely impress all the guests you have coming for dinner this holiday season.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our list of favorite paint colors of Fall 2012. If you need a professional painter in Woodstock, GA please contact us for an estimate!


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