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Woodstock House Painting and More

Davis Paint Company is proud to provide interior and exterior house painting services, as well as a variety of home repair services, including:


Interior Services – Confidence Is the Key

We take extra care and provide high quality workmanship before making repairs or interior house painting projects. We prepare surfaces by covering all floors and removing switches, outlet covers and other hardware as necessary. We clean and repair surfaces by repairing cracks, filling holes and other surface imperfections before priming. Priming ensures better adhesion and uniformity of the new coat before being painted.

We are fully insured and take extra care around your personal belongings to ensure their security. We have earned the trust of our clients by standing behind our work and completing jobs in a timely manner.

Exterior Painting – It’s All About Prep Work

Because the exterior is one’s first impression of your home we know every successful exterior project starts with good preparation, the most important factor if you want the paint to stick. When receiving a new coat of exterior paint on your home in Woodstock, Georgia, it is imperative to have any rotten wood replaced. Wood-rot is caused by weather damage, such as rain, snow, or prolonged exposure to direct sunlight. Painting over rotten or damaged wood will only lead to further problems so should be removed from the work surface, replaced, and then primed and painted. After the prep phase is done, we focus on preparing a clean surface for the paint to adhere to. In order to achieve that first, we pressure wash your house using an environmentally friendly product that kills mold as it cleans without harming any of the plants around your house. Next, we scrape and sand any areas that require a little extra attention. Finally, we caulk to fill in any gaps not only for aesthetics but to help keep the elements from getting in. We use a high end caulk that flexes and moves with your house as it expands and contracts through the seasons.