Kitchen Remodeling: Should You Paint or Replace?

painted cabinetsThinking of remodeling your Woodstock home? If so, the kitchen is one of the remodeling projects with the best ROI (return on investment). In most kitchens, the cabinetry accounts for a huge portion of the room. Most of the wall space is filled by them, and they dominate the overall look of the space. That can be a good thing if you have nice, new cabinets, but if your cabinets are dated or in bad condition, it will tarnish the appearance of the whole room.

So what should you do- replace the cabinets completely, or have them professionally painted? The answer depends on your situation.

If your cabinets are not in good condition (often due to poor construction or cheap materials combined with age), you might be better off replacing them, rather than trying to repair cabinets that are already of poor quality.

However, if you have nice, sturdy cabinets that are in good condition, but look like a blast from the past due to the color, finish or style, painting is the perfect solution. Don’t rip out your perfectly good cabinets, especially if they are real wood. We offer kitchen cabinet painting for an affordable price, and you can even change the hardware to get a completely different look with the same cabinets.

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Photo by gemteck1 via Flickr CC 2.0

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