Inspirations For Your Home Color Palette

Inspiration for your home decor can come from anywhere. Have you ever watched a movie and loved it so much that you wished you could transform your home to feel  more like that movie? In this post Davis Paint Company in Woodstock, GA discusses how to choose a color pallet based on a movie.  What’s the hottest movie this year for fashion and design? The Great Gatsby remake comes to our minds. We’ve seen everything from wallpaper choices based on the movie to entire Pinterest design inspiration boards dedicated to this new film. Art Deco interior design style is all of a sudden popular again because of it. Would you consider a paint color scheme for your home that is based on a film? Here are some easy ways to figure out how to do that.

How To Use a Film for a Home Color Pallet Inspiration

Great Gatsby Inspired colors

  • Use the internet, search Google  and Pinterest for images from the film.
  • Save one of your favorite images to your iPhone or iPad. Sherwin-Williams has an app called ColorSnap Studio™ for your iPhone and iPad that you can upload a photo and get a color scheme based on the colors in the photo.
  • We chose one we found online and in a snap we had a new color scheme based on a scene from the movie The Great Gastsby.
  • You can tap anywhere on the picture and ColorSnap Studio™ will chose Sherwin-Williams paint colors based on the section you choose. This makes it easy to choose a color scheme based on a movie!

If you don’t feel comfortable with the choices the color application makes for you, you could always call an interior designer or color specialist and use the photos for inspiration in your design consult. When you’ve decided on what room to paint and what color you can contact the team at Davis Paint Company  to come and give you an estimate to get your room painted. If you have any questions or would like to know more about our interior or exterior residential painting services please contact us.

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