How To Remove Popcorn Ceilings From Your Home

Want to modernize your home? Look up. That popcorn ceiling you put up in the early 90’s is definitely outdated. Popcorn ceilings around your home give off a dated appearance.

Popcorn ceilings can also affect a house’s selling value. Homeowners who are trying to sell their house need to remove their popcorn ceilings before putting their house on the market. Acoustic or “popcorn” ceilings are also known for being dust traps, and hard to clean. Attempting to clean these ceilings can rub off the acoustic material, therefore damaging the ceiling.

The best way to get rid of your popcorn ceiling is hire a professional. While, you may have not thought about it at the time, popcorn ceilings are extremely hard to remove. Getting rid of your popcorn ceilings can be a messy process, and it might possibly contain asbestos. Hiring a professional service to handle your popcorn ceiling problem will certainly be in your best interest.

For an estimate on your home popcorn ceiling removal, please contact us at Davis Paint Company in Woodstock, GA.

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