How To Pick Window Shutter Colors

Adding new paint to your window shutters is a great way to accent the exterior of your home without stretching your wallet on all new home renovations. Selecting the right color for your shutters can really make or break the look of the home. Consider these steps when selecting the right window shutter paint color for your home.

  • Choose the type of window shutters you will want to install on your home. Composite, fiberglass, and aluminum shutters are available in a wide range of colors.
  • Evaluate the color of your home before deciding on what color you should paint your shutters. If you are planning on painting your shutters a bold color, make sure that they blend well with the original house paint color. Shutters usually look best when they do not stand out too much from the other home exterior colors.
  • Select a trim for your home that compliments the color of the home. Trim can usually go a shade lighter or darker than the home, but avoid showy colors. Trim should also be repainted before installing new shutters.
  • View the different paint samples of the trim and shutter colors in different daylight before deciding on the final color. This will ensure that you like the color of the shutters on the house at any time of the day.

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