How To Pick A Perfect Paint Color for Shutters

Have you thought about painting the exterior of your home? Are you afraid that having the entire outside painted will be too costly right now? One way to update the look of your home with a lot less of an expense is to have your exterior window shutters repainted. The team at Davis Paint Company shares how to pick a perfect paint color for your exterior window shutters.

Follow these simple steps:

French window shutters

  1. First choose the type of shutters that will go on the exterior of your home’s windows. There are a variety of options and our team can help you decide which ones will work best with your home.
  2. Think about your home’s interior color scheme. Do you want the exterior to reflect the interior of your home or do you want to go for a different look?
  3. You may want to match the exterior trim and shutter color for a clean look. Choosing rich earth tones, and colors that are found in nature are a great way to make sure your home looks it’s best without the colors being too bold for the neighbors to live with.
  4. Check out your favorite paint samples of the trim and shutter colors in different daylight. If you don’t like the trim and shutter color you have chosen when it gets dark consider a using a step lighter shade of the color you have chosen

Contact us for any of your exterior house painting needs or for more information on our custom shutters optionsDavis Paint Company in Woodstock, GA will help you throughout the  entire house painting project. From start to finish you will be glad you chose the professional team at Davis Paint Company.

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