How to Paint a Chevron Pattern in Your Home

In the previous post Davis Paint Company discusses some great trends in interior home painting like Stripes, Chevron Patterns, and Zig Zags. For this next post the team has decided to share How to Paint a Chevron Pattern in Your Home. After you decide which room in your home you want to decorate the wall(s) with the chevron pattern, follow these steps to ensure you have a professional looking paint job.

Step by Step How To Paint a Chevron Wall Pattern:

  1. Pick out a chevron pattern online and print it out on transparency paper. 

    Golden Chevron Pattern

  2. Get an overhead projector and place the transparency to the correct size to fit your wall.
  3. Follow the image that is projected on the wall with your pencil. You may want to use a framers square as you go to ensure that you keep the lines straight.
  4. Make sure you use a good brush to paint with. Using a cheaper version may seem like it will save you money, but if it falls apart during the job or leaves brush strings all over the wall you have more expense in fixing those kinds of errors. Use the brush to cut in the straight lines you drew for the zig zag or Chevron pattern.
  5. Next get a roller and fill inside the lines. Just be sure you are painting the right sections for your pattern.

Remember if this process sounds like too much trouble for you to accomplish you can always hire a professional painter. The team at Davis Paint Company near Roswell, GA  has all the materials as well as the skills and knowledge to make your dream design a reality. Contact us if you have any questions or want to know more about our services.

 (Photo credit: DRA Studio)

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