How to Get an Ultra Smooth Paint Finish

How many times have you walked through your house and noticed drips of paint all over your trim and doors? If you are ready for repainting, this one tip is going to save you from having to look at those drippy messes ever again! Take our advice from Davis Paint Company – we know how to make the interior of your home picture perfect with just the right paint color and finish.

How to Get an Ultra Smooth Finish

English: Sanding sponge in cardboard wrapper.

English: Sanding sponge in cardboard wrapper. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The paint that drips the most – and shows the most – is going to be any paint with a gloss finish. Typically this finish will be used on trim, doors, or furniture and mess ups are not easy to hide. Instead of having to live with the mess, take care of the problem before it starts and sand the surfaces in between coats. Between each coat of paint, allow the surface to dry for 24 hours then go back with a fine grit sanding sponge and sand away any drips, paint brush streaks, or wood grain that is showing through the paint. This way, as your coats build up, you will be building upon layers of perfectly smooth surfaces. We suggest using a sanding sponge so that pressure can be applied evenly and it can reach into the crevices of molding better than regular sand paper. When your surfaces have been properly prepped and sanded, it will make the finished painted product ultra smooth – almost as if it has been sprayed!

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