How To Clean Your Paintbrush and Roller

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Now that your home is nicely painted, it is time to clean those messy rollers and brushes that are lying around. This task is not fun, but with these simple tips, you should have your brushes cleaned and put away in no time. Plus, you don’t want your expensive brushes to get ruined after just one painting job.

Cleaning a paintbrush

Many people will argue on what is the best way to really clean a paintbrush. After trial and error, we have concluded that warm/cool water is the best way to go. Once the paint has been thoroughly soaked in water and wrung out, it will need to be combed out. Using a comb or wire brush, consistently smooth out the paint bristles. Now that the paint bristles are all clean, place the paintbrush back in the cardboard holster it came in to keep its original shape.

Cleaning a paint roller

Cleaning the paint roller, in my opinion, is a much easier task. First, while using your paint scraper, scrape as much paint as you can off the paint roller. Next, remove the roll from the frame, and rinse off both the roll and the frame in warm soapy water. Once the roller and frame are clean, take them outside for a final blast of water from your water hose. Finally, lay the paint roller on the ground and spray off the excess paint using the most forceful spray setting. Continue this step until the paint roller is back to its original color.

Now that your paintbrush and roller are clean you can focus all of your attention on your freshly painted room. If you would rather someone else do the interior house painting and cleaning, please contact us for an estimate.

How do you clean your paintbrush and paint roller?

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