How To Choose A Paint Color For The Basement

In this week’s post, we are talking about choosing the paint color for your basement. If we are thinking about what a basement can be used for there are many uses, but for this post let’s consider two options. One choice is a man cave or entertainment room and the other choice is a craft/sewing room. Typically a basement does not have a lot of natural light, and often have lower ceilings than the rest of the home. Let’s say the basement has a neutral floor that is warm but not too orange. We just painted a basement and the customer had a sofa and a few other things that were definitely going to stay in the basement. This client’s sofa was large and tan. With these factors in mind it’s time to think about how the color of the room affects the way we feel.

No matter which room you are choosing a paint color for there are certain things to consider first. If you take these tips  into consideration before you head to the paint store you will have an easier time choosing the right color:

  • What is the purpose of the room?
  • The Amount of light, natural as well as lamps and ceiling lights
  • Carpeting or Flooring Tone
  • Furnishings that will remain or be brought into the room
When creating a man cave or movie and game room, you might want to consider charcoal, navy, or dark brown walls. The dark walls will add a masculine feel to your basement. It will also work great if you are using the room to watch movies on a big screen.
Davis Paint Company Charcoal Paint Color
If however you are going to use this newly painted room for a sewing /craft room, you will want to stick with light airy neutrals, like white, beige and soft blues.  With crafts and sewing there is lots of activity. If there isn’t a lot of natural light in the basement choosing light colors is a great way to help the room feel brighter.
paint color for basement
Remember, whatever basement paint color you choose, at Davis Paint Company in Woodstock, GA we will give you a professional paint job for any room in your home.


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