How To: Before You Paint Prep Tips

Before you Paint there are a few thing you need to know to get your house ready to go.

First, make sure that you move all the small objects from your room and move them to the center. Next, Take all the larger objects in the room and put them around the smaller objects. Finally, you will want to take a plastic drop cloth and cover the objects completely.

Once everything in your room is protected from paint you will want to make sure the switch plates, outlet plates and floors are protected as well. Unscrew the plates and take them off  and lay masking paper and a canvas drop cloth over the floors to prevent spills or drips on the floor.


 The next thing you will want to do to prep the house is apply spackling putty paste to nail holes in the wall. Make sure you let the Spackle dry completely before sanding the walls using medium grit paper.

Use a caulk gun to fill any cracks between the baseboard and the trim. After applying caulk, use a damp sponge to wipe off excess immediately.

Once the caulk is applied wash the walls with your sponge and warm water. Once the walls are clean, tape off ceiling and trim with painters tape. Your final steps will be priming the walls and removing all the window locks.

After all these tasks are finished you should be ready to go. Happy Painting!

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