How Paint Color Affects You: Part 2

In the last post you learned all about how paint color affects your mood. Today, we are going to touch on more specifics. Did you know that paint color not only affects your mood, but also your productivity, appetite and blood pressure? Lets now go over the paint colors individually and dissect the pros and cons of each.

Red- The pros and cons of the color red may actually counteract each other. Red is known to raise your blood pressure and increase your appetite. Maybe the increase in appetite is what leads to the high blood pressure? Maybe not. It is hard to believe that just being around a color can make you less healthy. On the other hand, the color red can do wonderful things for your productivity level. While in a room surrounded by red, you are more accurate in your work and also more detail oriented. This sounds like the perfect color for an office as long as you don’t mind snacking all day.

Blue- You can’t go wrong with the color blue. Blue has so many positives that go along with it that any shade of blue would make a great paint color choice in almost any room. Not only does it lower your blood pressure and heart rate, but it also makes you less hungry and more creative. It sounds to me like the perfect color choice for a bedroom or kitchen.

blue painted room

Green- Similar to blue, the color green has a way of lowering your blood pressure. Now we know the reason that they call it a “green room”. Green is also known for stabilizing the body and relieving stress. Here is an added bonus: When you are surrounded by the color green, your reading actually improves. It seems like green might be the perfect paint color choice for a classroom.

Let us know if you have any questions about what we have covered today. Leave us a comment; we would love to hear your feedback!

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