How Often Should You Do Basic Home Repairs?

red painted exteriorHome ownership can be expensive, especially when something breaks unexpectedly. If you’re caught off guard by a major repair during a busy season, you could end up paying more to get your home back in working order. That’s why it is recommended that homeowners put away savings equaling at least 1% of the price of the home per year to pay for repairs and routine maintenance.

Don’t wait until it’s an emergency to make repairs; with regular maintenance, you’ll be able to budget for and plan repairs and keep your home in better condition. Read on to learn some important home repairs and how long they should last.

  • Hot water heater– 10 years for gas or electric, 20 years for tankless
  • Windows– 15-20 for aluminum, 20-40 for vinyl, 30+ for wood
  • Deck staining– On average, transparent stains should be reapplied every year; pigmented stains need to be reapplied every 5 years. However, this can change due to weather conditions, usage, amount of sun, and other factors, so it’s a good idea to check the waterproofing of your deck. If the water beads up, your stain is still protecting the wood. If it is absorbed, it’s time to give us a call for a quote on deck staining.
  • Roof– 20 years for asphalt shingled roofs
  • Exterior house painting– Most homes should be repainted every 5 years. You don’t want to wait until your home is peeling and looks rundown; besides lowering your property value and upsetting your neighbors, once it gets to that point your home is no longer being protected by the paint and you can be opening the door to wood rot. If you are looking for an exterior house painter in Woodstock, contact us today.

Photo by Daniel Oines via Flickr CC 2.0

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