How Lighting Affects Your Paint Colors

light-bulbIf you’ve ever had to decide what colors to paint the interior of your home, you probably know that the choices can be a little overwhelming. In addition to the thousands of different hues available in paint, there are other factors that affect how the color looks in a room, namely the lighting.

A paint color seen on a design blog or in a friend’s home might look totally different in your home depending on the type of lighting you have, the number of windows, the orientation of your house, and the surrounding objects like trees, walls, or other buildings. Before you choose a paint color, check out these tips from our experienced Woodstock house painting company.

Amount of natural light

The amount of sunlight coming into a room can have a big impact on how the color appears. For instance, a light-colored wall in a room with large picture windows may look washed out or even cause an unpleasant glare, while that same color in another room could look great.

Quality of natural light

Natural light changes throughout the day, which can also greatly impact the appearance of your wall color. Rooms that face north, for instance, get weaker, cooler-tinted light, while rooms that face west tend to get bright, warm light in the afternoon. If you were to paint a north-facing room burnt orange, it would warm up the space, while painting a west-facing room the same color could create an overwhelming vibrancy.

Artificial lighting

 It’s also important to consider the artificial lighting in your space before painting, but unlike natural light, this can easily be manipulated! You can manipulate your artificial light by:

  • Adding table and floor lamps.
  • Installing new light fixtures like chandeliers, wall sconces, pendant lights, and other overhead lighting.
  • Swapping out light bulbs. Incandescents, LEDs, and halogen bulbs all give off different temperatures of light.

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Photo by Anton Fomkin via Flickr CC 2.0

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