Popular Kitchen Color Trends


kitchen (Photo credit: craftapalooza)

Now that you have your wallpaper down in the kitchen, it is time to get started on picking a hot new color for you walls. White and beige are a thing of the past! In 2012, neutral and bright colors are making their way into new kitchens everywhere. Below we have picked out a few of our favorite popular kitchen color combinations to help get you started in the right direction!

  • Gray and Brown – While you still have brown cabinets, you are able to create a trendy look by adding a neutral gray to the walls to create a stunning but subtle look.
  • Green and Silver– If you currently have stainless steal appliances in the house, light green may be the perfect touch of color for your walls without having to re-do the appliances.
  • Red and White – Solid white Kitchen cabinets look wonderful when paired with a bold red wall color. Red is currently one of the most popular shades for a kitchen, because it stimulates appetite.
  • Blue and Black– Black appliances in the home look great when paired with a shade of blue on the walls. Blue is known for being a soothing color, so it is great for cooks who stress easily in the kitchen.


Hopefully these color combos will give you the inspiration you need to re-do your kitchen. Remember, an old room can look brand new again with a simple touch of new paint color. For your kitchen or house painting needs, call us at Davis Paint Company, in Woodstock, GA.

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