Home Maintenance Tips: How to Prevent Rot

Woodstock wood repairOne of the many home repair services we offer here at Davis Paint Company is wood rot repair and replacement. Rotten wood is caused by weather damage from the elements- sun, rain, snow, hot and cold. These forces wear down the paint on your home and eventually expose the wood, allowing moisture to enter. To learn how to prevent wood rot in your home, check out these 3 home maintenance tips:

Keep paint fresh

Paint is what protects the wood on your home from the elements. When not repainted regularly, moisture enters the wood, starting the rotting process. Depending on the climate and conditions, houses need to be painted every 3-8 years. Since we have a fairly temperate climate, your home probably only needs to be painted about every 5 years here in Georgia. However, you should make annual visual checks of your entire exterior to determine if any areas need to be touched up to prevent decay. Contact us for Woodstock house painting estimates.

Don’t let moisture accumulate

Moisture causes rot, so it’s important to eliminate possible sources of moisture whenever possible. Clogged gutters are a major culprit which can cause the trim to rot and even damage your roof. You don’t want a lot of leaves and pine needles sitting in your gutters collecting moisture, and the same goes for your deck. Allowing organic debris to build up in the cracks of your deck is asking for wood rot. Scrape out the dirt and leaves between boards to prevent rot and allow rain to wash through the deck instead of sitting on top.

Seal up holes near windows, doors, and vents

Even tiny cracks and holes can allow water into your home and cause wood elements to rot, so be sure to seal up any openings you find that are cracked or split. Our Woodstock home repair company can even provide caulking and sealing to keep your home protected from wood rot.

Photo by aopsan via FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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