Going Green With Sherwin-Williams

More and more companies are realizing how important it is to become environmentally friendly. At Davis Paint Company in Woodstock, GA, we only use Sherwin-Williams product because we believe they set themselves apart from their competitors and provide the best paint for your needs. For instance, Sherwin-Williams just recently launched a line of “GreenSure” paint that is environmentally responsible. Don’t worry, being environmentally responsible does not jeopardize the quality of your house paint. Sherwin-Williams believes the paint should minimize the impact on the environment, deliver superior performance and provide long-term durability.

So what exactly does it take to go green? Going green means using sustainable raw materials such and soy and sunflower oils and reducing the amount of solvent to make the paint. Also, many of their paints have been coated to help easily clean and reduce mildew or mold growth, which help in improving indoor and outdoor environments.

If you are looking for which Sherwin-Williams paint to buy. Look for the ones with the green sure stamp on the front. A few of these paints include: Duration Home Acrylic Paint, Harmony Acrylic Paint and HGTV Home Paint. For painting supply needs, be sure to check out the green sure products in these too: Powerhouse Siliconed Acrylic Sealant, Shermax Urethanized Elastometric Sealant, Purdy Eco Pro Roller Covers and Purdy Eco Pro Pulp Trays.

Once you have finished painting make sure that you seal the paint tightly upside down. By no means should you ever need to pour paint down the drain. If you have extra paint, ask a neighbor or friend if they would like to have it. If worse comes to worse and you must trash it; remove the lid and allow the water of solvents to evaporate.

Hope these going green tips help you for your next paint project!






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