Garage Floor Coating

If your husband or dad is anything like mine, he works in the garage area very frequently. Wouldn’t it be nice if the garage has a nice shiny coating on it that resists oil stains, beads, water, and wipes clean? At Davis Paint Company we can provide you with the right garage floor coating that will give you the look you want while hiding imperfections.

To get started on your garage finish we will first pressure was you garage completely, getting rid of oil and skid marks that developed over time. The three-part process will consist of primer coat application, basecoat and chip application and clear coat application. Upon drying you will need to wait 5 days before driving you car into the new garage.

Once your garage is completely dry you will be able to enjoy it more then ever before. If you are interested in a garage floor paint coating, please contact us today at Davis Paint Company in Woodstock, GA.

image from flickrGarage floor coating

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