Exterior House Painting In Fall

A new house painting paint job is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to add value to your home. Whether it is interior or exterior of your home, a fresh paint job freshens up an area instantly for less. What better time than fall to focus on the exterior of your house to add value. The cool breezes of fall make the paint job a lot more tolerable then the hot summer days and freezing winters.

Painting during the fall months has extra benefits. By painting your house during the fall, you are adding extra paint protection against the snow and ice during the upcoming winter months. Also, it will not be as hot, sunny and humid, and therefore the paint will not dry as quickly while you are working on it.

When choosing exterior house paint during the fall months, it is important to choose paint such a Duration, Resilence, or Super Paint to prevent moisture absorption during the morning hours. While fall is a wonderful time for daytime painting, proper planning needs to take place if the temperatures are going to drop below 50 overnight.  If hiring a paint contractor, they will know the appropriate paint to use based on the local weather forecast. If you plan to paint your house yourself, plan on researching the type of paint you should use based on the weather.


freshly painted house

How do you plan on adding value to your home this fall?

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