Exterior House Painting Before and After

Does your home need a spruce up on the outside? Have you thought about having your exterior repainted to help freshen up the feel of your entire property? Maybe the color on your house is out of date, or perhaps the color has faded or begun to chip. The team at Davis Paint Company is prepared to help you achieve this goal.

Here are two photos from one of our recent exterior painting projects. As you can see in the before image, this home wasn’t in bad shape,  but when you take a look at the after shot pictured below you can see what a difference the right paint color can make.

Exterior House Painting BeforeBefore

Exterior House Painting by Davis Paint Company after


The house not only looks more current with a paint color like this gray that is in style today, but it’s also obvious in these two photos how clean and fresh the house looks after the job was completed.

If a new look isn’t enough of a reason to paint the exterior of your house, then here are a few reasons outside of keeping up with the latest trends to paint the exterior of your home:

  • You will be protecting your home from water damage.  When water seeps into wood and then freezes it expands and begins to rip apart from the inside.  This can lead to your home being exposed to damages from water.
  • A fresh coat of paint is recommended about every 5 years for most of the exterior surfaces of your home. If it’s been more than 5 years since you last painted the exterior you might want to consider getting a free estimate from a Woodstock GA professional painter.

If you have any questions about our exterior painting in Woodstock, Georgia or any of our other painting services for your home please contact us.




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