Easy Updates for Kids Bedrooms

Bedroom from beyondWith your kids getting older over time, chances are they are they are slowly outgrowing their current bedroom. You probably don’t want to spend a ton of money to redecorate their bedroom, because they will be ready for something new in 5 years. We have come up with a few ways to redecorate your kids bedroom to keep them happy, and keep your wallet happy.

  • Let kids pick the color – Let your kid pick their favorite color to have their walls painted. Parents, monitor this color choice and make sure that is something they can grow into. Hot pink is going to get old in a year or two. Light pink, blue or yellow might be a more conservative approach.
  • Add wall decals – Wall decals are a great way to add flare to a dull room. There are many sites online that offer a variety of wall art that can be easily removed when wanted. This would be a great idea for the child who is constantly changing their mind.
  • Add a multifunctional futon – While a futon may not qualify as budget friendly, it is a great piece to have in a room. While the kids are young the parents can sit there to read stories or play. As the child gets older, he or she will have a place for their friends to stay.
  • Bed sets – A new bed set is an easy way to add a completely new touch to your child’s bedroom. Their princess comforter can be changed in to a plain colored comforter to add instant maturity to the bedroom.
  • Accessories – Just the right accessories in the room can make it look years older. Your child’s stuffed animals from their toddler years can be packed into bags for storage. Let your child pick out more grown up items to put on their desk, or create picture frames with them of their friends for the walls.
If you want your child’s bedroom updated with a fresh paint color, contact us at Davis Paint Company for an estimate.

How have you changed your child’s room to make it look more grown-up?

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