Don’t Miss the End of Exterior Painting Season!

how temperature affects exterior paintExterior painting is an important part of the maintenance of your home, not only keeping your home looking good, but also protecting it from environmental wear and tear in the form of heat, moisture, wind, etc. Traditionally, house painting season has been summer, due to the dry, sunny weather. Paint can’t cure properly when the temperature is too low or the humidity is too high, but fortunately here in Georgia we have a much longer time frame during which conditions are optimal for having your house painted.

Despite the extended summer conditions we get here in Woodstock, Georgia, you still don’t want to wait too late in the year to have your home painted. Take a look at one of the major factors that affect house painting and give us a call today for all of your house painting and home improvement needs!

How temperature affects paint

The recommended temperature for exterior house painting used to be 50 degrees Fahrenheit, but with improvements in paint technology, that ideal temperature has dropped substantially. Now, most paints can be applied at 40 degrees and higher; however, some higher quality paint lines can be applied at temperature as low as 35 degrees.

But don’t just assume that because the temperature is right at noon, your paint job will be fine. Temperature fluctuates greatly from early morning, to midday, to nightfall, and those temperature fluctuations can cause problems for your paint. For that reason, early fall can actually be a great time to have your home painted. September and early October here in the metro Atlanta area are still relatively warm, and the temperature is more steady throughout the day.

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