Do You Need Your Drywall Replaced?

Drywall installation and repairWhen we take on an interior painting job in a Woodstock, Georgia home, we check the integrity of the walls while we are there.  It is a practice that we picked up from our friends at  Blue Square Construction.  Not only are we able to offer you the best paint work for your time and money, but a thorough inspection can help make sure that you and your family stay safe as well.

When repainting the exterior of homes, we are always keep a watchful eye for previous damage or rot.  After all, it doesn’t do you much help to just paint over damage, as if you were sweeping it under the rug, right?  We believe that the same applies to the interior of your home as well.

Drywall repair is suggested on occasion when we begin a new job.  Rarely will we have to replace the whole sheet for small to medium holes created.  What we are really concerned about is finding any mold or water damage.  When we examine the drywall, we are looking for a few different signs:

  1. Paint peeling or cracks
  2. Discoloration of the walls
  3. Bulging behind the paint

When we encounter these signs of damage, it’s important to replace the entire sheet of dry wall for the homeowner’s health and for the standards that we like to uphold for our painting services.

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