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The team at Davis Paint Company thought it was a good time of the year to share The Top 3 Blog posts from our blog. Below you will find the title and a teaser paragraph from the best blogs we’ve written so far. If you’d like to know more about a certain blog post, just click the link in the title of the blog to read the original post.

painting your ceiling

Painting Two-Toned Walls In Your House

Are you sick of the plain colored walls in your house? When it comes to painting your room, there are many different ways that you can choose to add color to it. For those of you wanting an extra pop of color, but are not interested in accent walls, you should really look into two-toned walls.There are a couple of different ways to double the color in your room…

Sherwin-Williams Paint Color Visualizer

Have you ever wondered what a room in your home would look like with a different color of paint? Did you know that Sherwin-Williams has a paint color visualizer for interior painting? I can’t think of an easier, more realistic way to visualize a freshly painted room. Sherwin-Williams was generous enough to share an informative tutorial on their website that walks you through everything.  For those of you who would like to learn more about this, with a condensed version of the tutorial…

Best Front Door Colors For Your Home

Now that you have decided to paint your house, it is important to select a front door color that pairs well with your newly painted home. Front doors should be an accent color. In other words, they should be a strong, dramatic, bold shade. Usually the front door color should not be repeated anywhere else in your house though. Here are a few of our favorite front door color picks…

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