Cupola Repairs Before and After Gallery

In this post the team at Davis Paint Company shares Cupola Repairs Before and After: a Gallery! Read on and find out how the project began as well as some info from our very own project manager Chris from Woodstock GA  about how the process of repair projects work.

This Cupola Repair Project started out as a service call to make a couple of small repairs on the roof of this building.  While Chris was up there completing the roof repairs, he noticed how badly the Cupolas needed repair.  Chris took a couple of pictures and emailed them over to the owner, who was a Davis Paint Company’s client.  The client asked him to give them an estimate, so he requested our estimators get back to him with a quote. Chris then sent client the estimate. After reviewing the estimated cost the client told Chris to start on the Cupola repairs right away.

Here’s what Chris had to tell us about the project details:

Believe it or not there were actually 2 of these that needed repair.  Our team was able to actually complete the entire job in 1 day.  We had 7 guys running around on the build roof part of the project.  Our team would pull a piece off, take it down to the ground level, cut the new one, and take it back up so we could install it.  As you can see we primed all of the new wood that was installed.  We always prime first.  If you don’t the final coat of paint will not adhere correctly and will not last.  If you are going to warranty your work for 5 years you want to make sure you apply it correctly otherwise it will cost you more in the long run making service calls.

For an estimate on your next painting or repair project please contact us! We make sure that the project is done the right way from the beginning to the end of the project. It saves us time and money and it also keeps our clients very happy!

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